Purposeful coliving…

Isn’t about compromising, it’s about living better, together

Coliving isn’t right for everyone, but if you seek real human connections, it’s the most fulfilling and beautiful life there is.

Is it right for me?

If you relate to any of the below statements, you’d feel right at home at Roost

Experiences and relationships are more important to me than tradition and material wants.
I often have to relocate for work, but I still want home to feel like home.
I’m new to the city and am looking to meet new friends and settle in.
The city feels lonely and I miss coming home to people who I care about / care about me.

Coliving vs. Purposeful Coliving

A new breed of renting, a new way of living

Coliving is far from being a new concept. However, what used to be a “make-do” form of accommodation for the sake of price, is now something completely new. Grimy kitchens have been remodelled to feature the latest designs and appliances with regular cleaning. Makeshift curtain walls have been replaced by real walls with real doors. What caused this change? Purpose.

Purposeful renters who view human interactions and experiences as a sense of inspiration and belonging rather than a compromise.

Purposefully designed spaces that prioritize efficiency, privacy, and community while improving tenants’ quality of life through unparalleled services.

It’s no longer just about the price, we want real value.

Our purpose

The values that drive our every decision


No matter your race, religion, age, gender, or sexuality, you're always welcome home.


We all share this world, let’s treat it right and use resources efficiently and responsibly.


We hope to better both your physical quality of life, and the wellness of your mind and soul.


By ridding your life of distractions, we help you focus on what’s truly important.